What is A Better Jones?

12 years ago, I discovered my 4th boyfriend in a row was cheating on me. I was crushed.

All my friends said, “You have the worst luck!”

And I thought, “F*** that!”

It couldn’t be luck! If it was luck, I couldn’t change it. And I was determined to change it.

Thus began my lifelong journey to become a better version of me, A Better Jones. It’s been a winding journey, with a lot of ups and downs. And in this newsletter, I share the many lessons I’ve learned, so I can help you change your luck too.

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I share the lessons and insights I’ve learned from making mistakes, picking myself up, and continuing to grow on my journey — as an entrepreneur, a creator, a coach, a friend, a daughter, a partner, and a person.

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Who the hell am I?

I’m Kasey Jones. Since 2017, I’ve been a growth strategy coach, advisor, and consultant to entrepreneurs of all kinds —> early-stage tech, consultants, agency owners, coaches, non-profit leaders, and community builders.

How do I help my clients?

  • Find and capture unrealized revenue

  • Refine their brand strategy and messaging to attract ideal customers

  • Design their teams and processes to deliver outsize results

  • Build a personal brand that makes them feel like the badass they are

  • Be a sounding board for innovative ideas

  • Cheer them on, pump them up, and be their personal hype-woman

Wanna learn more? Check out my website: www.abetterjones.com

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Growth consultant, coach, advisor, and mentor to 100s of Founders. I share the lessons I've learned from my own leadership journey, the mistakes I've made, and the proven growth methods I've honed.